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Land Registration

It is the process of authorizing the ownership of the land in a legal document. When we buy a land or immovable property it is essential to register with the authority to ensure the legal takeover of the property. It helps to solve major disputes as well as reduce the risk of fraud people. But due to the execution of RERA and GST, land registration became a crucial phase for many land buyers. We at GR group give our hands to your land registration and make all essential documentation in a speedy and trustable manner.

Plan approvals

Plan approvals involve long processing time with dozens of resources. Our GR group helps our customers to get plan approvals in uniformity, compliance, acceleration, process innovation, integration, accountability and transparency.

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)

It is very essential to approach Bangalore Development Authority to get the approval of layout plan as well as building plan. It was initiated under the country planning act. GR group is an expert on all land related acts, rules and regulations in an around Bangalore to handle land acquisition properties.

Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA)

It was formed under BMRDA act on 1985 by Karnataka government which is responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising development areas in Bangalore. GR group holds a versatile relationship with Government authorities in case of land approval plans.

Corporation Plan Approval

GR group has achieved major goals in planning, choosing as well as the execution of the right sources. Our work with reliability and trust can help our customers to get plan approval from recognized sources.

Land conversion

Land conversion is the module for converting non-agricultural land which is not fit for agriculture into residential, commercial and industrial purposes. It can be also known as DC conversion. The name derived from the enforcement of Deputy Commissioner regarding land conversion. An approval from the consent department is the integral options for land conversion. We, GR group a well trusted and recognized network which assures to provide Promisable services in the land conversion process.


It is the cancellation of a land by an official notification. Notification and Denotification are widely issued by the government of India. GR group an established network in Karnataka supports the denotification process in a professional way by our well-known experts.

Sale Permissions

The lands which are granted as per Karnataka Land Grant rules 1969 should take prior permission from Deputy Commissioner for sale. GR group is an integral network with prior experience; we make the progress of sale permission in scrambling manner.

Real estate services

Our group provides all solution in real estate services with organizational trust. Values with professional process management are the strength of our services. Transparencies, knowledge empowerment with the quality of work are the base of our services. We rely on high-quality standards redefined trust and core values.

GR Group has been one of the top construction groups in Bangalore. We are coming up with some innovative structures of international standard. Recently we executed Patil Hospital in old madras road. We assure that it is the best example for our excellence in construction field. We have many other projects to be launched in upcoming days.